Claire Gristwood

Fantasy and Sci-fi

Claire has been writing since she was old enough to string a sentence together and wrote the first draft of The Raystone when she was just 15. After a serious re-vamp of the novel, some 10 years later, she decided to approach self-publishing and launched Seventh Realm Productions in 2012. She has since written more of the ongoing saga as well as a couple of standalone novels.

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Rory Frederick Joscelyne


Creator of the Imperial Nova series and more recently the short film; Human Cargo.
Rory’s sci-fi novels have heavy foundations of political degradation and personal conflict.

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D.B Rook

Dark Fantasy/Horror

D.B Rook lives in the North of England with his wife and two beautiful children. He is a drummer, a gamer, and a dreamer who loves to spend time in other worlds, as well as this one. He has spent recent years working in the charity sector whilst occasionally visiting the Wayward World to stretch his legs and feed his soul.

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