The Raystone 2 – Guardian of the Dragons


Synopsis: The Raystone II: Guardian of the Dragons
“I don’t know what’s happening in another dimension, even if it my homeland,” said Akai, “but I’m now certain it’s something big.”

It is with these words that Jessie and Chris’s future is changed forever. It has been a whole year since their adventures in Aiseldo, but when Jessie begins to experience troubling headaches and visions Akai, suggests they journey back to the land to find a solution.

Arriving back to a world torn apart by a rift between the red and black dragons they begin their quest for the mysterious Guardian of the Dragons, the only one known to be able to stop the conflict… and all out war.

In a race against time, they meet up with both old and new friends, magnificent creatures and discover a power and a being that will test their friendship to the limits.

The Guardian of the Dragons – can one person really change the future?

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Seventh Realm Productions
The Raystone 2 – Guardian of the Dragons