The Raystone 3 – Legend of the Golden Arrow


‘Look after him, no matter what you do or do not feel, I’m worried about where this path is taking us. He won’t listen to me anymore, so look out for him and be there for him, I feel the time is approaching when we may be relying on each other a whole lot more.’

Jessie and Chris may be living the good life in Aiseldo, but their troubles are far from over. When an unexpected attack on the city of elves ends in tragedy for Amari, the young elf swears vengeance. They decide to seek help from Amari’s disagreeable older cousin Ralzeik – leader of the woodland elves. In exchange for helping them, Ralzeik demands they retrieve the legendary Golden Arrow hidden deep in the Ancient Newlands, a place full of dark magic and vicious beasts.

As their journey unfolds, the group of friends discover the truth behind the attack on the Golden City, and are dragged into the most thrilling, action packed and terrifying adventure they’ve ever known, to retrieve the mysterious golden arrow; an ancient relic, a sacred item, and a deadly weapon.

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Seventh Realm Productions
The Raystone 3 – Legend of the Golden Arrow